The team of Panacea 4U


All of our seminars are developed by tutors associated with us and stem from their personal the knowledge and experience. Our tutors have hands-on experience and are not only academics. They are or have been working in their fields of expertise for years. Some of them are medical professionals and others come from educational and linguistic backgrounds.  Even our youngest tutors have a lot of practical experience.
To convince yourself, please take a look at their CV´s. 

Panacea Team

Teamkonferenz 2005

Panacea 4U is unique. All of the team members are experts in their own right. They are enthusiastic about their work and they are service minded. This insures that you - our client – will get top-notch service.

Many of our clients know us only from phone calls & e-mail correspondence. Sometimes we use web video-conferencing to communicate. In the past people used to meet face-to-face. In our fast moving globally connected world this is no longer possible. To compensate for not being able to meet in person we provide CVs of most of our staff. This will give you a better picture of the people you will be working with.

This will help you to get to know us a little bit better – before we meet in person.


German as a foreign language

Juliane Neumann MA

Franziska Bewer MA

Irina Alexandru MA

Interculturelle competence

Kim Marie Bischoff Dipl.Psych.

Laura Plückthun Dipl.Psych. 

Wilhelm Bischoff Dipl. Kfm.

Medical English, Med-German

Nicoene Kotter BA OT CELTA RK

Ralph Kürschner Arzt Christian Herzmann

Prof. Volker Döring


HR Consulting Medicine

Katrin Mertens
Bereich Medizin

Wolfgang Wannoff Geschäftsführer

Working in Britain for European Doctors Christian Herzmann Oliver Koch Sebastian Renz S. Gragagger Burghard Sonntag Dirk Lavall

Wolfgang Wannoff

webvideo language courses

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Opens internal link in current windowEvelin Eichler MA

Opens internal link in current windowMathias Holzer (DaF)

Opens internal link in current windowAndreas Korpás (DaF)

Opens internal link in current windowBirgit Möller MA

Ralph Kürschner, MD
(medical German)

Opens internal link in current windowSusanne Thiel MA (DaF)