Cooperation & references

Cooperations & references

Having operated in the medical field for many years on a national as well as international basis has culminated in many outstanding references from companies we have cooperated with. We have listed a few of them below and if you wish to contact any of these companies for reference purposes we will gladly provide you with contact details.
The following are companies or organisations that we have worked with or are still working with.

CES-Locums UK

Cooperation & references

We support the following organisations;

The AGMS / DEÄV Anglo German Medical Soceity / Deutsch Englische Ärztevereinigung. The society was founded after World War 2 to give German doctors an international scientific forum. In later years it helped to foster continual scientific exchange between the United Kingdom and Germany. The society also assists medical students and qualified doctors to get insight into the medical world of the respective other country.

Vernetzte Welt für Kinder

Vernetzte Welt für Kinder, linked World for Kids is a closed network suitable for children. It was specially developed for children with diseases that confine them to long term hospitalisation. The network has some great content, opens up possibilities for the little patients and is supported by national and international celebrities. 

Vernetzte Welt für Kinder is established in Germany as a model of Steven Spielbergs project in the US.
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