About Us

The company’s founders have been active in the field of ‘IT systems in healthcare’ since the mid-1980s. This resulted in the foundation of Panacea© GmbH in 1994. We started off by developing standard software applications for healthcare and industrial companies. Panacea continued to grow and later became involved in consulting firms the healthcare and IT / Internet sectors.
The company entered into co-operation with pm-recruitment Hamburg at the beginning of 2000, after which we branched out into the placing personnel in the healthcare sector. Initially, we concentrated on the USA later including the UK and Ireland. This part of the business was taken over in its entirety by Panacea on 1 June 2006 and incorporated into the company Panacea 4U Ltd., which was established for this field of activity.

Panacea focuses on international human resources management in the healthcare industry. We deal primarily with the placement of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical professionals in Germany. Our company’s activities are driven by the great need for qualified healthcare personnel within our country. We would like to stress however, that we actively recruit personnel only from countries that have an oversupply of such professionals.

 Panacea is thus constantly on the lookout for specialised personnel in the medical field. We are supported by associated partners within the target countries. We guarantee support as well as assistance with cultural and social integration at the foreign workplace. Our respective local partners are of prime importance in this instance.

Panacea is, however, is not only concerned with placement of personnel but also with the intercultural aspects that the relocation involves. This led to the development of seminars specially aimed at to help the newly recruited personnel. The seminars we offer range from language courses, general as well as medical German as well as intercultural training. We are able authorised to certify the B2 level of language proficiency according to CEF. For further support and follow-up to sustain language skills attained we offer our latest development web video courses.
We are constantly developing and improving our services and courses so that we can remain the company of choice if you are looking for new job opportunities.

We have been in the market for 25 years and although we cannot perform magic we hope that we will be able to meet and fulfil most of your wishes



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